Youth Led Projects November 2019

Global Changemakers has an unshakeable mission to support young people to create a positive change towards a more just, fair and sustainable world. One of the ways we do is through providing grants to youth-led projects. During the second funding cycle for 2019 we released 19 grants, adding to a total of 363 since the launch of our grants programme.

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Courtesy: FLIK

Be Dragons | Anna Safronova

Disrupting the cycle of neglect and isolation of orphans in Russia

Destination 30 | Lauren Asher

Creating access to crucial school materials and as well as develop key capacities such as digital literacy in Scotland and Ghana

Colour of Thoughts | Kiranjeet

Using art as a medium to promote healing and provoke critical discussion about refugee rights in Malaysia

Film and Theater Project | Danish

Using visual and performing arts to educate and empower women in Pakistan

Courtesy: Free Helper

FLIK | Ravina Anand

Emboldening the next generation of women leaders in the social sector through support and resources in Canada

Free Helper | Gabriel Pinheiro

A platform connecting professionals with volunteer opportunities at non-profits in Brazil

Her Story | Mishal Shah