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“Global Changemakers is a platform that will help you connect with fellow changemakers from around the world. Not only that, it supports you with great tools and programs that you can use to increase the quality of your work, impact more people, and understand the problem in a better way.”

Megha, Google Reviews

"Amazing resources! Global Changemakers has so many insightful and very educational resources. I’m glad I chose to use them to guide me through implementing my community-based project in supporting girls’ education in my country.”

​Kasuba, Zambia

Tool Kits and Webinars

"Global Changemakers has given my community and I wings to fly. Together, we have transformed the lives of families in over 800 house-holds by making them food secure and have economically empowered over 50 women farmers! I will forever be grateful."

Maureen, Kenya

Grant Recipient 2017, 2019

"This program has impacted my life positively and has challenged me to make a change in my community. With the help of the GCM team and guidance of my mentor, I have now started a project called Creating a Better Tomorrow (CBT) to inspire, educate and mentor African youths to compete globally and solve local challenge"

Peter, Nigeria

Mentorship Programme 2020

​“Becoming a part of the Global Changemakers family has been one of the most meaningful and impactful experiences of my life. They taught me to believe that I can change the world and then gave me the skills to do so"


Courtney, South Africa

Global Youth Summit 2016

“Global Changemakers provides such helpful resources and network for youths who want to lead and make a positive impact in their communities. Their toolkits, webinars, podcast, mentorship program, GCMx all of it are thoughtfully crafted, well-researched and valuable. I highly recommend youths to check them out.”

Wynona, Google Reviews

“Global Changemakers shaped me into a better changemaker and inspired me to launch a platform, Opportunity Desk, that makes it possible for millions of people across the world to access growth opportunities.”

​Grace, Nigeria

Euro-Africa Summit 2012, Facilitator - Global Youth Summit 2017

“Global Changemakers is an incredible organization bearing the youth in mind and providing a range of resources to help them make impact in their societies. My experience at GCM has been amazing! Got to meet a host of volunteers from all over the world putting in their best efforts to improve their societies!”

Pris, Google Reviews

Outreach Volunteers Programme

“My experience at the Global Youth Summit was life-changing. I learned so much in such a small span of time. I learned with brilliant people from different cultures, different experiences and facing different challenges. The skills I learned, like project management, I utilize to this day to improve my community.”


James, Kenya

Global Youth Summit 2018

“This podcast has led me to understand that it is possible to exploit one´s full potential and that if not now, when? It is important for youth to begin to trust themselves and believe that

they can lead the change!”

Andrea, Stitcher Reviews

Young Changemakers Podcast

“One of the most relevant platforms of our time, this is a space for mentorship and taking up challenges to solve the most complex problems in the world. Support in the form of tools and techniques, ideation, brainstorming, spreading awareness and fundraising is provided. A platform that enables young people to change the world for the better, I highly recommend enrolling in their programs.”

Prachi, Google Reviews

“One of the most wonderful experiences I've had the pleasure of going through - exceptional network of young changemakers and experts, all working towards creating positive social change at all levels of society!”

Clirim, Kosovo

Global Youth Summit 2019

“Global Changemakers is not just another organization, but family. When you become part of it, you are not only taught about how to develop your leadership skills, but to become a better human being. If you believe in the youth and believe in change, you believe in Global Changemakers.”

Hanz, Facebook Reviews

“The Global Changemakers mentoring program has been a major turning point for me. It has not only helped me to know myself as a person and to discover my talents and my great potential, but it has also encouraged me to be the agent of change that I want to see in the world. It is a 100% recommended program for non-conformists, ‘doers’ and those wanting to learn and be challenged. Thanks to the program, I am participating in different initiatives that really matter to me, I have met people with different purposes but the same vision to change the world, and I am in the process of writing my first book on leadership with social impact. In short, it has been one of the few experiences that has changed my world view." 

 Jerico, Spain

Mentorship Programme 2019

“Global Changemakers offered me one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I couldn't be more grateful for having the chance of meeting such beautiful people. The GCM team, they're like real life superheroes and, believe me, I'm not exaggerating one bit! I recommend it to every single person to try their programs.”


Irina, Portugal

Mentorship Programme 2020

​"I was a facilitator for Global Changemakers at their Global Youth Summit in 2018, where I underwent a week-long training on facilitation, design thinking, and pitching under the GCM team. This week-long training was the best because of how it equipped me with so many skills and insights I still apply in my work today. Through the peer training, I learned how to be a better facilitator, how to use energizers, group and team psychology, and active listening, among other things to navigate through and manage a group of people regardless of how diverse and incohesive the team may seem at the start."

Shawntel, The Philippines

Facilitation Tools For Changemakers Training 2018

“Global Changemakers is an excellent opportunity and platform for driven people who wish to make a positive difference in society. Their Mentorship Programme, online courses, tools and webinars are amazing. Their so much to learn and take inspiration from.

I highly recommended them.”

Kasish, Google Reviews

“It's so hard to find the right words to define the massive impression, influence and the power of such a GREAT organization. Global Changemakers not only gave me the chance to make many brilliant friends from all around the world, but also granted me the

chance to realise my hidden potential.”

Omid, Afghanistan

Global Youth Summit 2016

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