“GCM shaped me into a better changemaker and inspired me to launch a platform, Opportunity Desk, that makes it possible for millions of people across the world to access growth opportunities.”
Grace Ihejiamaizu, Nigeria
Euro-Africa Summit 2012

“My experience at the Global Youth Summit was life changing. I learnt so much in such a small span of time. I learnt with brilliant people from different cultures, different experiences and facing different challenges. The skills I learnt, like project management, I utilize to this day to improve my community.”
James Gakure, Kenya
Global Youth Summit 2018


“The Global Youth Summit 2017 was probably the most inspiring and influential week of my life."

Pascal Daniel Schneider, Switzerland
Global Youth Summit 2017


“Going to the summit, I had high expectations. But I certainly did not expect what actually unfolded in (barely) seven days. This was, beyond a doubt, the best week of my life. I learned so much, experienced so much … Whatever happens now, I feel more empowered than ever to do the right thing and reach higher. This was one of [those] events that give me faith in humanity.”
Marwan El Chazli, Switzerland
Global Youth Summit 2018

“Global Changemakers has opened the whole world for me. It made me feel like I can reach out anywhere and that I can impact not only my own community but also people miles away.”

Mai Shbeta, Israel and Palestine

Global Youth Summit 2010


"Global Changemakers has given my community and I wings to fly. Together, we have transformed the lives of 30 young women and their families in a span of 6 months! I will forever be grateful."
Maureen Muketha, Kenya
Global Youth Summit 2016

“My journey would not have been the same without my fellow Global Changemakers and its incredible and amazing team. From morning energizers to group sessions, workshops, skills marketplace [and] pitching our ideas, you made it life-changing. I am now proud to call you FAMILY. From different corners of the world, yet with the same purpose of making it a better place, you are truly talented, passionate, confident, caring, fearless, but above all: great leaders.”

Kathia Salazar, Nicaragua 

Global Youth Summit 2018

"Never had I imagined that one single week could make such a huge and wonderful change in my life, as the Global Youth Summit did. In this one week I realised that together, we do have the power to make a change for the better! Thanks to Global Changemakers I had the opportunity to make amazing new friends, whom I will never forget. Together we created a strong bond of shared memories, understanding and support. I am so grateful for this life changing experience."
Lynn Kohli, Switzerland
Global Youth Summit 2017
“Global Changemakers opened a world of opportunities for me. It helped me realized my life's purpose and to change may career path by becoming an educator. Today, I am working in an educational institution focusing on student development, services, and welfare.”
Cris Raymond Viray, Philippines
Global Youth Summit 2011

“Global Changemakers has led me to trust in my ability and the ability of those around me which has led me to keep working. It taught me to believe that a real change is possible and that it starts from the little actions.”

Diego Tabares Puerta, Colombia

Global Youth Summit 2017 


“The Global Youth Summit was a life changing experience for me. It was my first international meeting which formed the foundation of my success up to this point. Global Changemakers is a big family that brings young people together and who discuss and implement project freely across borders. GCMs are exactly the people who are creating our bright, shining and healthy future.”
Gayane Sargsyan, Armenia
Global Youth Summit 2011


“Global Changemakers has led to a transformation in my thinking from ‘Me’ to ‘We’ and showed me the incredible power of peace and love.”  

Priya Sigdel, Nepal

Global Youth Summit 2017

“An incredible journey that will let you discover more of yourself and the world that surrounds us. Global Changemakers has definitely changed my life for good!”

Ricardo Sanchez, Honduras

Global Youth Summit 2017


“Becoming a part of the Global Changemakers family has been one of the most meaningful and impactful experiences of my life. They taught me to believe that I can change the world and then gave me the skills to do so.”

Courtney Gehle, South Africa
Global Youth Summit 2016


“Global Changemakers inspires me to be a better version of myself every day.”

Shomy Hasan Chowdhury, Bangladesh

Global Youth Summit 2016

"The Global Youth Summit cannot be described as anything  but a life changing event. In one week you learn more than you have on your entire journey to create change so far, make bonds so beautiful and genuine you would've never imagined it possible, and joined a family you keep learning and being inspired by for your entire life." 

Garvita Gulhati, India
Global Youth Summit 2018


“I experienced what I can absolutely call THE BEST 5 DAYS IN MY LIFE! I can't stress enough how thankful I am to Global Changemakers for giving me this opportunity to participate in Global Youth Summit 2018. I have learnt so much from you and I promise to put this knowledge into practice.”

Aleksandra Jarocka, Poland

Global Youth Summit 2018

"Global Changemakers helped me to become who I am today. It set the foundation for many of my professional qualities and taught me to work in a high-level and international environment. Furthermore, it changed me as a person by making me more determined, more confident in my strengths and by giving me a family in every corner of the world. This is the most important achievement of my life."

Mariam Sargsyan, Armenia
Global Youth Summit 2010


“We started as distant strangers – linked only by our young age and a passion to change the world. We ended up as a unique, united, joyful and powerful family. The Global Youth Summit 2017 was one of the most amazing and life changing experiences I have ever enjoyed, and I am unbelievably thankful and proud of every single one of my fellow Global Changemakers.”


Marie-Claire Graf, Switzerland

Global Youth Summit 2017

"The Global Youth Summit was a life changing experience and it's a community that continues to inspire, support and guide me throughout my journey as a changemaker! Global Changemakers is like family. I've made some lifelong connections here and it's lovely to meet other GCMs when you're travelling to their countries or host them when they are visiting yours."
Aashish Beergi, India
Global Youth Summit 2009


“The moment I joined this incredible family was the first time I realised my true potential and the extent to which I can personally make the world a better place”

Eleanor Tack, United Kingdom

Global Youth Summit 2017

“They change your life in a week, Global Changemakers made me realize my potential and now I'm committed to do my best in the pursuit of a better world”
Eric Daniel Ortega, Mexico
Global Youth Summit 2017

“Global Changemakers helps you realize your potential by bringing you into a room filled with likeminded people. You make lifelong friends, who inspire you to shoot for the stars every day.”

Shah Rafayat Chowdhury, Bangladesh

Global Youth Summit 2017


“Because of Global Changemakers I know have a family in every corner of the globe”

Rafsan Sabab, Bangladesh

Global Youth Summit 2016


“It's so hard to find the right words to define the massive impression, influence and the power of such a GREAT organization. Global Changemakers not only gave me the chance to make many brilliant friends from all around the world, but also granted me the chance to realise my hidden potential.”

Omid Ahmadi, Afghanistan

Global Youth Summit 2016

“As a young person it was beyond amazing to meet and interact with other young people in such a carefree, judgement free space that was created at The Global Youth Summit in 2011. Years later, I was reminded of the true sense of family that exists with the Global Changemakers network when I became a peer facilitator. First time interactions turn into lifelong relationships. GCM is pure. GCM is joyous. GCM is unique.”
Siddel Ramkisoon Trinidad and Tobago 
Global Youth Summit 2011

“The Global Youth Summit 2017 was one of the best experience of my life. I felt so much love, energy, inspiration during this week with awesome people.”

Fanny Brenet, Switzerland

Global Youth Summit 2017

“The learning experience at the Global Youth Summit has been learning beyond the four walls of the room to build problem solving skills!”
Neha Banu Shah, Nepal 
Global Youth Summit 2017

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