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Changemaker: Gabriel Pinheiro

Country of implementation: Brazil

Freehelper is a social non-profit startup that connects through a platform pro-bono

volunteers and NGOs for short-term work. The startup works together with professionals

involved in several areas and NGOs operating in all 17 SDGs goals. Today, FreeHelper has

over 2,000 volunteers throughout Brazil, +50 NGOs and have already

made more than 80 connections for professional volunteering, generating sustainable

growth and long-term impact for the institutions, as well as, development of skills and social

concerns for the volunteers.

The startup was founded in April/2017 by a group of young entrepreneurs that saw an

opportunity of making a difference in Brazil, where voluntary activities are mainly focused

on short-term impact.

FreeHelper’s goal is to mobilize individuals to contribute with social organizations using their

knowledge and experiences. By donating their time, pro-bono volunteers maximize the

positive impact and reach of NGOs around the country. Volunteers also improve their skill

sets, social concern, and networking while solving the biggest problems of NGOs.

Only 4.4% of the population in Brazil is involved in voluntary activities.

With that in mind, FreeHelper aims to mobilize the society to act towards the SDGs, by

presenting a new and innovative way of helping that is focused on short term work and

long-term impact.


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