who we are

who we are

Global Changemakers is an international youth organisation and global pioneer in supporting youth-led sustainable development.


Our mission is to support youth to create positive change towards a more inclusive, fair and sustainable communities. We do this by providing skills development, capacity building, mentoring and grants.


Young people are the key to success for the Sustainable Development Goals, yet donor funding does not go to young people and youth-led projects. Even when funding may be available, support and resources to develop the skills and capacity of these young leaders is often missing. Global Changemakers works to fill this gap - and the results are astounding. 

To date, we have trained thousands of young people in over 180 countries through both online and in person training. We have also provided grants to over 363 youth-led projects which have had a combined impact on over 6,2 million people. 

what we do

what we do

Through skills development, capacity building, mentoring and grants, we support young leaders addressing the world’s most pressing challenges in 180 countries.

skills development

access to grant funding


exposure and opportunities

creating international networks

We offer bi-weekly online training sessions, free downloadable online resources, a 12-week virtual mentorship programme for budding young changemakers, our podcast and our brand new online school! We also offer a targeted, yearlong programme for 60 of the highest potential and high impact young leaders globally, our Global Changemakers, with support and grant funding available during and after the programme.

The young people we serve are involved in every aspect of the work that we do - from the volunteers who run the organisation, to programme and strategy development – in order to ensure that we provide the most relevant support with our extremely limited resources. 

Projects that have come out of our programme and which have received grant funding have scaled to full fledged organisations that are still in operation, years later. 


our story

our story


Global Changemakers was created in 2007 by the British Council with the aim of empowering youth to catalyse change. It has grown into a network of 1240 young people from 180 countries supporting each other and their efforts to make an impact.

We became an independent organisation in 2013 and, to date, have funded over 363 youth-led projects in on six continents, directly involving roughly 200 thousand people and benefiting over 6,2 million others. These projects have also reached over 920 million people via the media.

363 youth-led

projects supported


200,000+ people


6,2+ million people

reaching 920+ million 

people though the media

on six continents

Our changemakers have gone on to gain recognition for their work from some of the most esteemed publications and international bodies in the world, have represented youth and spoken at high-level meetings such as the United Nations, European Parliament and the World Economic Forum and are leaders in all sectors.

meet the team

Meet The Team

Sold on the incredible power and potential of young people, our team is passionate, dedicated and relentless. 

Spanning four continents and five time zones, we work tirelessly to empower youth and create change across the world.

Strategy & Finance Director

katherine hermans

Katherine has been involved with Global Changemakers since 2008 and is a co-founder of Global Changemakers 2.0. She recently completed her dissertation on youth-led development at the University of Cambridge.

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Programmes Director


Gabriela is co-founder of Global Changemakers 2.0 and is passionate about youth-led development. She has been part of Global Changemakers since 2008 and is responsible for the launch and successful running of our grants programme, which has funded over 345 youth-led initiatives worldwide.

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Logistics Manager


Louise has an impressive track record in planning and organizing events, community building and crisis management.

Louise is the mastermind behind the logistics and arrangements of our in person training programmes and events like the Global Youth Summit. 

Community Manager

sara botero r

Lawyer, psychology student and cupcaker, Sara is following her lifelong passion for social transformation, Sara has been a member of Global Changemakers since 2010. Additionally, she has participated in different social and environmental projects throughout Colombia, with a primary focus on Human Rights and Sustainability. Sara is on the board of directors of two educational institutions, and two years ago, she began a position at a nursery school, as an academic director, incorporating mindfulness practices to the curriculum.

From baking to working with vulnerable communities, every aspect of Sara’s life is anchored in her unrelenting commitment to serve.

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Communications Manager

courtney gehle

Courtney is a 24-year-old South African that holds a degree in Geography with a special focus on Sustainable Development. She is the founder of two youth-led and youth-serving organisations, The Greenline – an environmental organisation - and The Better Tomorrow Movement (a beneficiary of a Global Changemakers grant) - which trains and mentors youth on digital advocacy and storytelling. Courtney was selected as a Global Changemaker in 2016 and acted as a peer facilitator in 2017. She worked for the United Nations as a business development consultant for two years before joining Global Changemakers full time in 2018.

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Programmes Manager

Yasmin Morais

Yasmin is a 21 year-old International Relations student from Brazil, who is deeply passionate about creating positive social impact. At GCM, she works as a Programmes Manager, making sure that all programs give the tools and opportunities young people need to create change. In the past, she has managed projects related to human rights education, homeless people integration, human trafficking prevention, civic youth engagement, among others.

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Global Changemakers is one of the largest youth organisations world-wide, yet with the lowest comparable overhead.

Your donation helps us to support youth-led development across the world, which to date has benefited 4 million people. 


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