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Changemaker: Aisha Kabba

Country of Implementation: Sierra Leone

Women and girls constitute between 60 to 70 percent of the world’s population. Therefore, such

constituency is essential to the development of every nation. Women are an inevitable catalyst to development. However, in Sierra Leone especially Port Loko District,

vulnerability, and GBV marginalization have sadly put women and girls under obstacle thereby

making them inferior. The Country is thus below international standards as far as girls and women’s issues are concerned, devoid of several efforts made by government and organizations to reach such status. In fact, the Parliament of Sierra Leone has amended the Sexual offences Act increasing the penalty for perpetrators of sexual crimes of women and girls from thirty years (30) to life time imprisonment. While the first lady, Madam Fatima Bio is presently pioneering a national campaign “Hands off our Girls” which aims at addressing these problems.

Save her pride is a project designed to help expand understanding of violence experienced by adolescent girls and women living in the street, its consequences, and to inspire action and commitment to promoting consistent mentorship, prevent and end violence against children, women and girls in the streets of Port Loko District.


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