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REES (Red de Establecimientos Educacionales Sustentables)

Changemaker: Juan José Martin Bravo

Country of Implementation: Chile

SMF Wonder Grantee

Essential aspects of tackling the climate crisis are the infrastructure of our cities and the education children and young people receive about it. Through theory and practice REES works in schools the implementation of sustainable infrastructure and education and how to take advantage of sometimes simple things to become impactful ones. REES transforms the participating schools into places where students, teachers and their communities can learn about new and diverse technologies capable of rising the efficiency of our daily lives and decrease our footprint while learning about the environment. Through the construction of modules with different approaches on renewable energy, waste management, reduction of water usage, gardening and more, REES creates places where the community can learn and engage in what is achievable. We aim to take this project nationwide in Chile so school communities can learn about sustainability and the correct use of our natural resources all along.


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