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Changemaker: Ravina Anand

Country of Implementation: Canada

FLIK is a platform for female founders/leaders and female apprentices to browse each other, connect, and work together. Female founders get help from ambitious talent for their businesses, and apprentices gain valuable hands-on experience in entrepreneurship from an in-depth mentor. Apprentices advance the businesses of today’s female entrepreneurs, and established leaders elevate the next generation of female change-makers, inspiring them to also start their own businesses one day.

The Female Laboratory of Innovative Knowledge (FLIK) is a community hub where ambitious womxn can access resources to advance their own initiatives and ideas while discovering other phenomenal females working towards social impact. The Female Founder / Apprenticeship Portal is a space where apprentices and founders connect. Apprentices gain experience in an industry they love while training under an established female founder and founders have access to ambitious talent helping them scale their businesses quickly. After the 3 month apprentice agreement, you can start finding a new match or get hired!

This is the first-female identifying apprenticeship portal launched.

There is currently no practical way to learn how to become an entrepreneur, and, with less than 1 in 5 businesses led by women globally, the world, needs a program that uplifts female entrepreneurs and supports the next generation of female founders. FLIK recognizes this potential and offers a tangible solution to support female-founded businesses as well as inspire young women to start their own. FLIK’s role for students is to create an accessible avenue to a real-world, practical form of education that is lacking in today’s traditional system. Female students can train up to 10 hours a week for a 3-month term under a female founder, gaining practical skills and experience in an innovative industry and truly understanding the myriad aspects of entrepreneurship. FLIK's role for female founders is to find verified, ambitious young talent who can offer helping hands in their businesses as well as fresh eyes on their projects. Female founders have historically lacked sufficient funding despite massive potential and therefore are growth strapped when they cannot take on more talent. With FLIK, founders give value through mentorship and need not break their banks for amazing connections to young talent.


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