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Changemaker: Darcy Small

Country of implementation: Australia

Kua is a social enterprise that does world-positive coffee. Established 2018, we use coffee

as a vehicle to inspire fair and circular consumption.

We founded Kua after working with subsistence farmers in Uganda. Here, we realised that

our consumptive behaviours are completely disconnected from the global issues they

perpetuate. We created Kua to join these dots. For fairness, 100% of profits fund

development programs in Uganda. For circularity, all waste coffee grounds are collected for


Kua is working with Global Changemakers to roll out a series of workshops designed to

challenge consumers with two simple questions:

1. where does your coffee come from?

2. where does your coffee waste end up?

Most don’t know the answers ... and the ramifications of this “not knowing” ripple across

borders. By empowering consumers with an intimate understanding of these questions and

the associated impact, we can inspire a shift towards fair and circular alternatives.

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