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Changemaker: Jaiksana Jackson Jambu

Country of Implementation: Uganda

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” - Nelson


Displaced communities face immense challenges when it comes to Education — when conflict erupts schooling is the first service to get interupted and the last to receive attention . In Uganda, the third largest host of refugees in the  world, over 21,000 school-aged children are in

urgent need of educational assistance. With 4 only secondary schools and 13 primary

schools, children in Rhino Camp, a settlement hosting over 120,000 refugees either attend

overcrowded schools - the average class size in primary school is between 120 - 160 pupils

per teacher or they have to walk long distances of roughly 1-5 kilometers every morning to

get their education. In addition, most of these schools, especially the private/ self-help

schools are often understocked with teaching materials/textbooks. The aforementioned

hurdles and others compounds to a growing problem with potential to consequently lead to

increase in rates of unemployment and school dropouts. Empirical evidence indicates that

women and girls are particularly vulnerable in these settings, In turn, contributing to a high

risk of sexual and gender-based violence, child marriages, and decreased lifetime earnings.

Our Project #KendaTogether believes that giving books to refugees is imperative in

transforming and building an informed and empowered communities -, we aim to create a one stop point books centre that's close to the refugees where educators, learners and the general population alike can access to fill the gap of lack of educational materials to support the fragile education landscape in the refugee camps.

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