facilitaton tools for changemakers

by changemakers school

Working with youth for over 10 years we have come to realise how necessary it is to be a good facilitator in order to get people to engage in your projects and work together towards a shared vision. Unfortunately, it can be difficult or challenging to learn about and develop these skills.

Enter Facilitation Tools for Changemakers

Developed in collaboration with changemakers from around the world, we bring you   Facilitation Tools for Changemakers. 

With over 30 ice-breakers, energisers and team building exercises to choose from, as well as tips and best practices on facilitation - this is the ideal resource for working with groups! Packaged in an easily accessible format, the content is also available on a phone or tablet to be used in any group setting.

Over 30 downloadable ice breakers, energisers and team building exercises

Tips and best practices on facilitation and working with groups

Both written and video instructions and demonstrations.

By youth, for youth

Mobile Friendly on Android and IOS

24/7 Unlimited lifetime access

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