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meet your hosts

George Chapman

George is an Australian changemaker that grew up on a Tea Tree farm in Australia and developed an interest in agriculture at a young age, studying Agribusiness at the University of Queensland and currently pursuing a Masters in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security at The Royal Agricultural University in England. George has worked on a regenerative livestock farm and developed a sustainable demonstration farm to address food security in South Africa and is currently developing a demonstration farm for a local community in Kenya to develop, educate and train Kenya’s youth in regenerative, organic agriculture. He was selected as a Global Changemaker in 2019 and as a co-creator and host of the Young Changemakers Podcast series, he hopes to share the pivotal role of youth in creating positive social and environmental change. 

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sophie staheyeff

Sophie is a Swiss-British changemaker pursuing a Master’s in Development Studies at the Institute of Development Studies in the United Kingdom. She has a true passion for solving global development issues, her key interests being youth empowerment, multiculturalism, social entrepreneurship and sustainable innovation. After being part of the leading body of AIESEC in Switzerland, she worked for international development cooperation agencies and was selected as a Global Changemaker in 2017.  She wanted to continue her activism in the field of youth empowerment and started a podcast, It Starts in Youth, which showcases the stories of young activists and entrepreneurs. It later developed into the Young Changemakers Podcast and as co-creator and host she emphasises the importance of creating a global digital space to showcase stories of youth having a positive impact and, hopefully, empower other young people to start their own changemaking journey.

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William reyes

William is a Guatemalan changemaker that is passionate about science and social service. He currently studies Chemical Engineering at USAC in Guatemala is the co-founder of "Yo Por Ti" which he stated four years ago. Yo Por Ti has focused on reducing inequalities for the elderly and children in need, collecting donations and hosting recreational activities across Guatemala, having a positive impact on both beneficiaries and volunteers. He was selected as a Global Changemaker in 2019 and is planning to launch a new project called “Training Our Communities” in Escuintla, Guatemala, in 2020 which will consist of workshops about various types of bandages and first aid, to prepare communities in case of any wound, haemorrhage or suspicion of broken bones. As co-creator and host of the podcast, he hopes it will reach thousands of listeners across the world and inspire them to create a positive change in their community. 

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