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Changemaker: Michael Kayemba

Country of Implementation: Uganda

According to the WHO in a study from 2014, breast cancer counts for 12.5% of cancer related deaths among females and cervical cancer counts for 24.2%  in Uganda. Currently, there are still misconceptions and ignorance about cancer, for example there is a perception that cancer affects mostly the rich or those in developed countries. To change this, Michael organized the UZURI Woman campaign. The project's vision is to reduce the high breast and cervical cancer mortality rates amongst low-income-earning women in Uganda by promoting preventative healthcare.

UZURI Woman campaign seeks to bring cancer screenings closer to women — in the spaces

they occupy and trust — beauty centers. This campaign is taking place on February 4

and 5, 2020 in Kampala, Uganda. Participants will be  25-35 year old women

living in and around Kamwokya, Kampala Uganda. The campaign integrates a range of

activities; guest-speaker lectures by health professionals from Uganda Cancer Institute,

focus group discussions, and free cervical and breast cancer screenings.


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