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Isabelo Agricultural Services

Changemaker: Thobeka Sibisi

Country of Implementation: South Africa

A small town in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal (eMpangeni) has unemployed young women and mothers who are food insecure and have no sense of livelihood. Thobeka Sibisi, a young 26-year-old Agricultural economist from this very same community decided to embark on a journey to teach farming to these women and offer farming skills and training equipping them with an opportunity to feed their families and strive. The name of the project is called Isabelo Agricultural Services "Isabelo solwazi" which is a Zulu saying that means sharing of knowledge. The project currently has 15-20 women who have no support but just children they need to take care of and feed so this initiative offers them a chance to farm and support their families with most farming focusing on vegetables like spinach, onions, cabbage, and brown beans, with

hopes to move to more staple food like maize.


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