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BSYO Project

Changemaker: Cris Viray

Country of implementation: The Philippines

Good Governance is one of the main concerns in different communities in the Philippines, as

most youth are now involved with serving the community. Most of them are being

exposed to the "traditional system" that only focuses on the "political dramas, propagandas,

and strategies". To fill the gap between the traditional and modern way of community

leadership and to fully transpire the real meaning of "Good Governance" the BSYO (Barangay

San Luis Youth Organization) Project aims to be the leading organization that serves as the

benchmark model of what good governance through civic engagements and activities should be. The

BSYO Project also aims to share in the fulfilment of the Philippine Youth Development Plan for

2017-2022, released by the Philippine National Youth Commission, through establishing and

implementing various activities anchored to the said plan. Also, the BSYO Project will cater to

different types of youth groups or clusters from youth elected leaders, sitio leaders, or ordinary

citizens. The BSYO project aims to reach out to more than 2500 youth to be empowered not

only for their community but also in their own fields of influence.


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