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Changemaker: Tamzid Rahman

Country of Implementation: Bangladesh

In a bid to address the gender gap in technology and empower young women in Bangladesh, the HerCodeEd initiative has been conceptualized. Tamzid Rahman, Saifa Rahman, and Mahir Bishal proposed a transformative 3-month K-12 Coding Education Immersion Program tailored specifically for female students in Bangladesh. HerCodeEd is a pioneering 3-month educational endeavor aimed at empowering female K-12 students in Bangladesh through immersive coding education. Focused on bridging the gender gap in technology, the program provides participants with essential skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel in STEM fields. Through hands-on coding, personalized instruction, and real-world projects, the initiative instills coding languages, problem-solving, critical thinking, digital literacy, and creativity. HerCodeEd's ultimate goal

is to kindle a passion for technology, preparing young women for higher education and careers in STEM, fostering diversity, and inspiring the next generation of female tech leaders in Bangladesh. HerCodeEd will start a batch of 50 secondary school female students from Bangladesh and equip their potential in the field of STEM, within respective access.


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