ecology for changemakers

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A free online course to help you root your activism in nature. Develop your understanding, build your global network and deepen your impact. 



The course follows a systems approach. It is intersectional and comprehensive, as it touches on ecology from historical and social perspectives.


You will meet and learn from like-minded people from over 100 countries through the discussion forum and regular facilitated networking sessions.



You will develop the skills and mindset needed to become an effective changemaker for our sustainable future.



This self-paced course contains 20-25 minute long lessons given by youth, for youth.


Each lesson has a practical component to show you how you can apply what you have learned to your activism.


Each teacher has provided a set of complementary materials, specially curated to enrich the learning journey.

course Content


  • Welcome

  • Our Approach

  • Restorative Changemaking

  • Intro: Paris Agreement and the SDGs

  • Planetary Boundaries and Ecological Balance 


  • Reflections on the Pandemic

  • Doughnut Economics

  • Climate Adaptation Governance

  • Climate Anxiety


  • Rewilding and Reforestation

  • Biodiversity Conservation

  • Marine Conservation

  • Arctic Conservation

  • Environmental Racism and Justice

  • Sustainable Energy


  • Nature-Based Solutions

  • Ecological Activism and it's Challenges

  • Environmental Social Movements

  • Sustainability in Business

fruit & flowers

  • Sustainable Lifestyles 101

  • Conscious Consumerism

  • Sustainable Consumption: Food and Nutrition

a call to action

  • How to Incorporate These Learnings Into Your Life

you will have free lifetime access to...

Over 20 lessons developing skills and understanding on key topics relating to the connections that sustain life;

Lessons given by experienced young changemakers and environmental leaders from 6 continents;

Curated complementary materials for each lesson;

Simple and practical lesson challenges;

Regular, facilitated networking sessions with fellow students;

A global network of like minded people.


Global Changemakers has trained thousands of young people from 186 countries on how to create, execute and scale community action projects. We have worked with hundreds of young people all over the world who are actively combating climate change and its devastating effects in different ways, from funding youth-led initiatives focused on sustainable practices, to supporting young advocates of climate action at all international high level conferences.

This course is designed to help your activism have a deeper, more lasting impact.

Green Leaves

Only working together will we solve the most pressing challenges of our time. Please share this course with changemakers or organisations in your network. 

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