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Snapshots of Simplicity

Changemaker: Christine Liu

Country of Implementation: U.S.A.

Snapshots of Simplicity is a lifestyle blog aimed to inspire others to live simply and sustainably. Run by Christine Liu, also known as 'The Packaging Girl Gone Packageless,' Snapshots of Simplicity focuses on zero waste, simple, conscious living tips and how-to's, inspired by Christine's background in packaging and knowing that the industry she was trained to be in generates a large proportion of waste, with negative environmental consequences. She currently works in a local corporation, driving sustainability initiatives with the employee population, spreading awareness about the issue of waste to point them towards positive sustainable behaviors.

Apart from content generation and weekly videos, Christine aims to expand her reach through additional in-person events, from teaching underprivileged middle school students about green intrapreneurship, speaking opportunities in her local area, to community workshops to teach others about conscious living. As she continues to develop her zero waste experience in a corporate realm, she hopes to share more how-to's to an audience that is looking to create positive change in the way we waste, shedding light on the issue and providing a platform and community for discussion.

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