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Skul Bilong Yumi

Changemaker: Jacqueline Joseph

Skul bilong Yumi is a term in the local national language of Papua New Guinea (pidgin) which means “Our School”. This project has identified a great lack of basic literacy skills in children between the ages seven to thirteen (7-13) that live around the Konedobu community in Port Moresby (capital city of Papua New Guinea).

Therefore as a response to this issue of illiteracy, “Skul bilong Yumi” was initiated to equip these children with the necessary and fundamental basic literacy skills that these children require in order to adapt to the changing times of their community. The major aim in this project is to ensure these young upcoming future leaders of Konedobu are well equipped with literacy skills regardless of whether they’ve been to school or not and to create a positive social change within the community.

This project proposes to enroll one hundred (100) children who are have either never been to school or those who have had to discontinue from school due to financial constraints. The age groups that we target are children between the ages seven (7) and fifteen (15). Thus it is the overall vision of this project to see the young children of Konedobu know how to read and write and simultaneously use these skills to improve their livelihood.


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