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Ripple Effect

Changemakers: Jacob Tobia, Hasan Khosravi, Trevor Dougherty, Jasper Passion, Qaisar Roonjha, Gaurav Nakhare, Aldiyar Abduali

Throughout the world, the two largest forces in the spread of HIV/AIDS are ignorance and apathy. Globally, people are either painfully ignorant of the risk that HIV/AIDS poses to their well-being, as well as ignorant of the ways in which HIV/AIDS is spread, or they think that they, for whatever reason, are beyond the reach of HIV/AIDS. The Ripple Effect seeks to fight apathy and ignorance concerning HIV/AIDS worldwide through peer education pushed a step further. Our organization seeks not just to educate others about the risks of HIV/AIDS, but to encourage those we educate to pay it forward and become peer educators themselves. The Ripple Effect Pledge is an online pledge where people publicly declare the ways in which they will educate their communities about HIV/AIDS.


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