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Maureen - Kenya

Maureen is a passionate Sustainable Development Goal 2 advocate. She is a Nutritionist pursuing her Master of Science in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics. She is a strong believer of good nutrition practices and a resilient food security system, and of the belief that no human being should die of hunger or any Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

Maureen is the founder of Tule Vyema - Swahili word for ‘Let’s Eat Right’. Tule Vyema is an organization that raises awareness of proper feeding practices in communities so as to eliminate malnutrition incidences which are partly attributed to poor dietary habits. To date, Tule Vyema has impacted over 800 households by making them food secure, improving their nutrition status and economically empowered them.

Maureen has represented Kenya in several international fora such as Global Citizen, Global Changemakers and Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). She has been recently featured as one of the 20, 2020 Heroines Revolutionizing Food Activism by Food Tank, Innovative Women & Youth in Agriculture & Nutrition by Croplife International and a keynote SDG 2 speaker in a Malaysian- Score Your Goal Conference.


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