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Global Voices

Changemaker: Thom Woodroofe

Global Voices is a non profit organisation seeking to promote an understanding of and participation in international diplomacy by young Australians. We do this through regular events and research & development opportunities in Australia, and the coordination of youth delegations to important diplomatic forums abroad.Our mission is to provide opportunities to young Australians to research, discuss and contribute to foreign policy both at home and abroad. Our vision is for young Australians to be heard and engaged on the world stage. Our key activities include:

Selecting, funding and preparing Australian youth delegations to key diplomatic forums abroad such as the G20 and Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation; Acting as host organisation when those forums are held in Australia; Continuing the dialogue at home through regular events on international diplomacy for young people; Providing opportunities to be published on international diplomacy in traditional and online media outlets; Facilitating research and development opportunities for university students, linking them with top foreign policy experts, thinkers and organisations across the country.


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