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Face the Waste

Changemaker: Max Montoya

Country of Implementation: Mexico

The social context in Mexico relates to no importance given on the environment since the Mexican families first tackle their own financial struggles and personal well being. The lack of opportunities and right incentives turns into the outcome of neglecting the environment, thus pointing to the fact that pollution and waste accumulation are one of the biggest problems faced in Mexico. In numerous cases, people in low-income communities are left to deal with trash and expected to solve this issue on their own, result of a lacking a proper waste management system. To change the outcome around this issue, "Face the Waste" was created to turn a gloomy reality into a better-generating opportunities one. Idea born thanks to the training given at the Global Youth Summit in July 2016, and project that began operations in October 2016. The main actors in the first development of this social venture are young people aged 18-23 who were concerned about the environmental outcomes and social development in Mexico. Face the Waste promoted the initiative on building self-managed recycling centers, in public schools. Facing the problem from the persistent waste production in low-income communities, to improve the education facilities and provide a space that inspires green ideas. Partnering with the Secretariat of Public Education and NGO Movimiento Social Juventud Unida, opened the way for Face the Waste to be introduced in public schools. Thanks to the support of Global Changemakers, Face the Waste was able to build up to 20 recycling centers among the 80 participating schools. So far, the impact generated has directly benefit 80 different communities and 10,000 kids since launching the main project in 2016.

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