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Changemaker: Kasha Sequoia Slavner

Country of Implementation: International


1.5 Degrees of Peace, is a feature documentary directed by Award-winning Gen-Z filmmaker and global

youth leader Kasha Sequoia Slavner. In response to the multiple existential crises facing humanity and the

planet, Kasha feels compelled to seek peace and climate justice. This catalyzes her on a mission to explore

the issues and the links shared by the peace and climate movements as she illustrates how these two

issues are more interconnected than we may think. In doing so, she discovers hopeful and inspiring stories

of resilient young climate and peace activists working on the frontline of these issues. Across the world,

youth are activating the power of generations to demonstrate that a bold peace movement can make

climate justice achievable and climate justice now will help us create peace for future generations.

Kasha is a Gen-Z filmmaker, photographer, writer, social entrepreneur, and passionate advocate for climate

justice, peace, and gender equality. She works full-time on her positive impact media organization, The

Global Sunrise Project, which she founded at 15 years old. Her first feature documentary, The Sunrise

Storyteller has screened at over 60 film festivals and won 29 awards, including “Best Documentary” at

Carmarthen Bay BAFTA Awards Qualifying Film Festival, “Rising Star filmmaker” at the Colorado

International Activism Film Festival, “Spirit of Activism” at the Nevada Women’s Film Festival, the “Golden

Jury Prize, Youth Visions” at the Social Justice Film Festival, Seattle, the “Ron Kovic Peace Prize” and “Eva

Haller Women Transforming Media Award” at the My Hero Film Festival, Los Angeles.

She uses her storytelling platform to conduct educational outreach, screenings, exhibitions, and workshops

for young people and helps empower students to become civically engaged by using their unique talents

and skills to make a positive impact in their local or global community.


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