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Changemaker: Lucas Bulgarelli Ferreira

After talking to the inhabitants of the Parque Ribeirão community and other aid organizations that assist this location, we came to the conclusion that it suffers from an absolute lack of social and familiar structure. Many children are simply left on the streets without a home or family, domestic violence is common, drug abuse also, and cultural levels are quite low. Our project seeks to remedy this absence by creating a cultural, athletic and educational center in the middle of this impoverished community, thus strengthening bonds between people and creating new opportunities for those who otherwise would have a bleak future.

During the duration of our project we organized games, lectures, workshops, sports events, theater presentations, school support, and other such events of diverse nature which allowed an increase in cultural levels and feed the spirit of community building. Our workforce of volunteers was made up primarily by college students from the prestigious University of São Paulo (USP), who carry a significant cultural baggage and have an innovating vision of social assistance

We were very well received by the community, especially the children and teenagers, they seemed to acknowledge that we have come to bring a positive impact in their lives and showed interest in our activities. The Parque Ribeirão community has almost 20.000 inhabitants, and we had a direct or indirect impact in the lives of all of them.

The project took place in 2011.

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