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Sewing a Better Tomorrow

Changemaker: Danish Sohail

In my small colony called “Mariam Nishat” it is very poor and Illiterate but there are few females who have studied graduation or so, those women’s are giving their services to educational institutions by giving time of their children and families from many years they’re running the centers, on their own they have made many people able to at least read and write in our local language, as I’ve visited them personally and got to know that they’re teaching since 2000 or so, but no one have came to support them in any way, they do all this on their own, more than 200 women’s and girl’s are studying there at the moment and they just have copies and pens nothing beside this, so I came up with an idea that why don’t to give them books and computers in formal educational centers, and sewing machines and embroidery frames, education to fight with social and individual life issues and instruments to give them skills and to make them able to fight with poverty, it’s not going to help only the women’s whom we are serving but it’ll also effect within their own families with their children and would be real change making idea of upcoming generations, they’ll not only studying but they’ll also earning money for their poor families. along with all this changemakers will be a platform for the female teachers who are giving their time in the center, they’ll be provided with “Inspirational Women Award” by Changemakers, on 8th of march on the worlds women’s day festival, so that they’ll get motivation and will continue their work for humanity with more passion and sincerity.


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