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Cape Town, South Africa l 21-25 October

Applications close at midnight Central European Time on 26 May

GYS 2024

three step process

To apply to the Global Youth Summit 2024, English speaking Changemakers, aged 21-29 and living anywhere in the world, need to record a two-minute application video, pay the $30 application fee and complete the written application form.

Your application is not complete and will not be considered without completing all three parts of the application before the application deadline.

Step 1- Video Upload

Given the large volume of applications we receive, we only review application videos in the initial selection round.


Please ensure you follow the video instructions closely. To view common FAQs related to uploading videos, click on the Application Video tab on the FAQs page to access the video instructions.

Once you have uploaded your video, copy the link and paste it in step 3 where you fill out your Google form.

Step 2- Application Fee

The application fee is set at $30 and can be paid through PayPal or with a credit/debit card. Remember to keep the transaction ID from PayPal or the payment order number from your card transaction handy, as you'll need to include it in your application form.

Every applicant benefits from a 100% discount on our Project Management for Changemakers course, designed to support Changemakers with the skills needed to create or scale impactful initiatives. This discount stands regardless of summit selection, opening doors to our global network and grant opportunities.

Step 3- Application Form

Your application is not complete until you submit the application form. If you do not submit your application form including the link to your application video and proof of payment of the application fee before the deadline, your application will not be considered.

Applications close at midnight Central Eastern Time on 27 May, 2024

What's Next?

Both successful and unsuccessful applicants will be informed of the selection results via email at the end of August. Please ensure that ‘’ is added to your email provider's “Safe Sender” list so that your email does not end up in your spam folder.​

Do you have any questions?

Applications that do not include a two-minute application video, application form, and proof of payment of the application fee will unfortunately not be considered.

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