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Rahel - Switzerland

Rahel is studying German, History and Philosophy. She also participates in the Young Green Party of Switzerland and tries to be as active as possible. Her main focus lays on the topic food (anti food waste, veganism) and alternative lifestyle to minimize our food prints (minimalism, less consumption, focus on inner values, mindfulness). Because she is in the beginning of her activism, she's been mainly active locally so far. That includes cooking vegan dinners for raising awareness of the production of food, philosophical conversations about it or (free) pilates lessons. She is part of a new project in Autumn 2017 (centre for creativism and pilates, sharing and mindfulness) and wants to be active against food waste (project, working group, etc.). With her philosophical perceptions, she tries to sensitize and inspiring more people - especially of western countries - for an alternative lifestyle. This is not only a matter of inner peace and reflection but helps us as society to be gentle to each other, being careful with our earth and our resources. By participating at the summit, she hopes getting even more inspired and getting in touch with like minded people from all over the world.


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