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Inspiring STEM-TVET

Changemaker: Alice Amegah

Country of Implementation: Ghana

Youth in rural and slum communities in Ghana have little to no opportunities to receive education and career guidance to improve their work and economic outcomes. To change this Education and Aspirations Hub decided to organise a community-based CAREER GUIDANCE, STEM, AND TVET AWARENESS DAY in Denkyembour, a small mining community in Ghana with poor education and economic outcomes. CAREER GUIDANCE, STEM, AND TVET AWARENESS DAY will take in 2024 in Ghana. Participants will be young people aged 10-15 interested in STEM and TVET with a focus on robotics. The awareness day will allow the participants to connect, discuss, and learn from robotic experts about robots' critical role in the world of work, the emerging role of artificial intelligence, and the future of work with robots. There will be training on how to use local tools and materials to create robots, education, and career guidance services, and speakers from the world of STEM and TVET to inspire participants to study STEM. The awareness day will be a strategy event that will be the gateway for the long-term integration of STEM-TVET motivation in the district, particularly in two rural towns, Akwatia and Boadua. 


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