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El Güiro

Changemaker: Eric Ortega

Country of Implementation: Mexico

El Güiro Art Company is born from the need to find social promoters capable of generating positive changes from within the community through urban art. In the neighborhoods that suffer from violence there has been a growing apathy among young people: when you feel that the world is against you, it is easier to put on your headphones and hide your safe space, it is easier to go and paint graffiti with your friends it feels better to go dancing.

Where many see a problem of leisure, "El Güiro" sees an opportunity, one that will aim to clean the parks, to play with the children, to get to know your neighbors and build a resilient community.

Our goal is to provide urban artists with the tools they need to motivate and maintain positive community activities, to become the leaders of the movements with which young people can truly identify with.


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