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We train young changemakers in skills related to project management, design thinking, social impact and social change. The people we hav,e trained and the incredible projects they have developed have impacted over 15,1 million people worldwide.


Now YOU can unlock the power and potential of young people to impact YOUR community through organising and hosting a GCMx event!

GCMx events are created in the spirit of our mission to support youth to create positive change and are organised by passionate people who believe that young people have the power to make a difference.


YOU can unlock that power and give people the skills, knowledge and tools they need to take action on some of the most pressing challenges of our time. By becoming a GCMx host you will organise and run an impactful and engaging event based on our training methodology, with supporting materials and mentorship from the Global Changemakers team.

GCMx can also be hosted online! Using Zoom, we've adapted the format of GCMx to a shorter online interactive event, to reach more young people across the world. 

be the leader your community needs

hosting a gcmx

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step 6

Fill out the application form on your motivation for hosting a GCMx, cost estimates etc.

If the programme is the right fit for your event, let you know that your application has been accepted. We will schedule a call with you to discuss the next steps for the event. Please apply at least three months before your event.

Receive a GCMx license and manual: After meeting with our team, you will receive your GCMx License, your personalised GCMx Logo and GCMx Organiser Manual, which will contain tips and tools on important aspects of event planning.

Plan your GCMx: Planning an event has lots of steps, including recruiting a team, finding a venue, working on the event schedule, logistics, and others. GCM will be happy to support you along the way.

Promote your GCMx: This step includes defining and audience for the event, creating a  communications strategy on social and local media, creating materials to promote it, and so on. The GCM team will support you with branding guidelines and tips.

Host it! After going through all the steps above, it’s time to host your GCMx!


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