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YPAP (Young People Against Pollution)

Changemaker: Dickson Baseke

YPAP (Young People Against Pollution)

This project is intended to mobilise a section of young people in a total of 18 Schools in the vicinity of urban slum areas in the district of Kampala, Uganda. The aim is to change practices of pollution for the short and long term benefit of the human settlements in such poor areas. It’s designed to put to action the different abilities and talents of young people to achieve this goal.

While strengthening and modifying such abilities among young people, the project will also work closely with a local environment organisation, called the Wildlife Clubs of Uganda, local council authorities and the general community to improve living conditions of communities that have been negatively affected by pollution. The project is intended to last for 12 months, and will be implemented by a group of dynamic young people who have the enthusiasm to act as change agents of their society.


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