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Youth with GCM

Changemaker: Nouman Sher

Since the invasion of Afghanistan by USSR in the year 1978, people of Balochistan have been challenged by conflicts and political and civil instability, mass displacement, human rights abuses, drought, famine, cyclone and earthquake. It may not be surprising that quality of life of vulnerable groups in Balochistan is among the worst in the world. Among the most important issues in the region is meeting basic social needs. The region lacks social justice, has high rates of illiteracy and poverty, few employment opportunities and poor health and educational facilities. In general, women, youth and children, and in particular girls have especially limited access to food, education and healthcare in these areas. According to lessons learnt by development sector in these areas, women, youth and children have dramatically high rates of communicable and non-communicable diseases, morbidity, and mortality and a general low life expectancy that is again rapidly declining, thus, status of women and girls can safely be stated to be disempowered. Therefor focus on youth is very important in the province of Balochistan, by provision of proper trainings, mentoring and facilities to youth will bring very extensive and effective Youth from all over Balochistan (even from the rural areas of Khaybar Pakhtoon khwa, another province of Pakistan) are enrolled in two universities of Balochistan, that is either BUITMES, Balochistan University of Information Technology and Engineering Sciences, or in UOB, University of Balochistan for their educational propose. Global changemakers with the CAP project will work with the selected youth from mentioned universities, as these students often and after their education goes back to their communities. Selected youth will be trained and involved on different positive activities; these youth will be guided to and connected with different national and international networks currently working for community development. Activities which will be carried with youth will be as follows. Capacity building of youth Changemaker would capacitate the youth on various levels and disciplines such as Leadership, computer tutoring and teaching. In this regard, selected number of youth would be trained on the following courses: Social Entrepreneurship Leadership & Management Human Rights Gender based violence Motivation, on life based sciences and drug abuse Peer Education These youth after receiving training would be responsible to provide step down trainings, coaching and tutoring services and computer literacy to the youth members within their community. Disseminate messages of peace and tolerance through sports and other cultural events Sports and recreation is an area that youth enjoy the most and it can enhance their participation. In this regard, infotainment activities will be organized within community and schools, especially for girls, additionally the events would be used to disseminate the messages of peace and tolerance through these activities. Connections Youth whom are trained on the mentioned subjects will be guided and linked with national youth networks like, provincial youth Assemblies and youth parliament of Pakistan, and international like Global Changemakers and Y-Peer, which will able them to continue their involvement in positive and recreational activities.


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