Youth-Led Projects Supported in 2019

Global Changemakers is a pioneer in supporting youth-led projects. Our approach is to train, support and trust young people to develop their own solutions to the challenges they experience. Our grant programme allows people who have attended our training at a Global Youth Summit to apply for funding to implement or scale their own initiatives.

This year we were able to fund 36 projects in 29 countries that have had a combined impact on 2,019,820 people so far.

These were the projects we funded this year:

2Degrees Artivism | Diogo

A campaign that works with artists and activists to mobilize, empower and connect people to raise awareness about and demand climate action\ in Portugal

Be Dragons | Anna

Disrupting the cycle of neglect and isolation of orphans in Russia

Destination 30 | Lauren

Creating access to crucial school materials and as well as develop key capacities such as digital literacy in Scotland and Ghana

DOCTOR | Gayane

A rehabilitation skills training campaign for 150 paramedics and citizens working/living with people with disabilities in 5 regions in Armenia.

Colour of Thoughts | Kiranjeet

Using art as a medium to promote healing and provoke critical discussion about refugee rights in Malaysia

Eagle Life II | Mortaza

Summer camp for high school students focusing on leadership, networking, communication, arts, creative writing and other life changing skills not taught at high schools in Afghanistan.

EPFL Public Speaking Contest | Marwan