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Youth-Led Projects Supported in 2019

Global Changemakers is a pioneer in supporting youth-led projects. Our approach is to train, support and trust young people to develop their own solutions to the challenges they experience. Our grant programme allows people who have attended our training at a Global Youth Summit to apply for funding to implement or scale their own initiatives.

This year we were able to fund 36 projects in 29 countries that have had a combined impact on 2,019,820 people so far.

These were the projects we funded this year:

2Degrees Artivism | Diogo

A campaign that works with artists and activists to mobilize, empower and connect people to raise awareness about and demand climate action\ in Portugal

Be Dragons | Anna

Disrupting the cycle of neglect and isolation of orphans in Russia

Destination 30 | Lauren

Creating access to crucial school materials and as well as develop key capacities such as digital literacy in Scotland and Ghana

DOCTOR | Gayane

A rehabilitation skills training campaign for 150 paramedics and citizens working/living with people with disabilities in 5 regions in Armenia.

Colour of Thoughts | Kiranjeet

Using art as a medium to promote healing and provoke critical discussion about refugee rights in Malaysia

Eagle Life II | Mortaza

Summer camp for high school students focusing on leadership, networking, communication, arts, creative writing and other life changing skills not taught at high schools in Afghanistan.

EPFL Public Speaking Contest | Marwan

Teaching effective communication skills to science students by organizing the largest public speaking competition in Switzerland and providing free and open public speaking workshops for over 200 students.

ER Argentina | Alvaro

Building the capacity of teachers from nursery, primary and secondary education to facilitate skills related to empathy and emotional intelligence in Argentina

Film and Theater Project | Danish

Using visual and performing arts to educate and empower women in Pakistan

FLIK | Ravina

Emboldening the next generation of women leaders in the social sector through support and resources in Canada

Free Helper | Gabriel

A platform connecting professionals with volunteer opportunities at non-profits in Brazil

Good Data Institute | Charlie

Connecting volunteer data professionals to mission-driven organisations to give non-profits access to data analytics support and tools by in Australia.

Her Story | Mishal

Sharing the stories of, and providing income generating skills training to marginalised domestic helpers in Pakistan

#KendaTogether | Jaiksana

Establishing a library and promoting a culture of quality education at Rhino Refugee Camp in Uganda

Kua Coffee | Darcy

Using coffee as a vehicle to inspire fair and circular consumption in Uganda

Leadership Convention Nigeria | Emeribe Anthony

Providing mentorship, skills training and inspiration to high school learners in Nigeria

Leadership and Civic Engagement | Ngosa

Cascade training to develop the next generation of female political leaders in Zambia

Menos II | Joao

Simplifying the creation of micro-business through providing a whole eco-system of support in Portugal

REES (Red de Establecimientos Educacionales Sustentables) | Juan Jose

Catalysing action on the climate crisis through sustainable infrastructure and education at schools in Chile

RefED | Yasmin

An educational application designed to reduce the gap of access to education among refugee children in Greece.

Save Her Pride | Aisha

Combatting violence against women and children in Sierra Leone

Score your Goals | Shomy

A cascade training programme on the Sustainable Development Goals within universities and an awareness campaign on SDG3 and SDG6 in Malaysia.

Social Mobilization of Women for Land Rights | Zanji

This project educating women about their rights and engaging with traditional Chiefs in rural areas to help vulnerable women purchase land in Zambia

Sustainable Construction Database | Sam

Empowering citizens to make informed choices about environmentally sustainable building materials in Australia

TBTM III | Navodinee

The Better Tomorrow Movement (TBTM) is social startup that brings free, innovative, and interactive capacity development training programs to young people across the world, based in Holland

The BSYO Project | Cris

Promoting good governance and civic engagement among 2500 young people in the Philippines.

The Keep | Khaliunaa

A community-based platform to connect sustainability issues to everyday experiences through curated interactive newsletter and close-knit community initiatives in Mongolia

Tule Vyema II | Maureen

Swahili for 'LET'S EAT RIGHT ', Tule Vyema hosts nutritional health talks, teaches sack farming and deworms children, having impacted 150 households and deworming over 300 children in Kenya.

Training Our Communities | William

Reducing human loss in natural disasters by providing first aid training to communities in Guatemala

Uzuri Women | Michael

Making cervical and breast cancer screenings available to low income women in Uganda

Vietcetera VF | Hao

A project aiming to encourage creative writing among youth by developing a thriving online community of young writers in Vietnam.

A campaign selling T-shirts to raise money to fund setting up safe water systems in poor communities across Bangladesh.

Waste to Jobs | Meseret

Using recycling initiatives to provide income generating opportunities for young girls in Ethiopia

Why Waste II | Garvita

A nation wide competition and workshops educating 10,000+ students about and creating possible new solutions for saving water in India

Young African Girls Empowerment | Oumou

A vocational training programme on tailoring and hairdressing for vulnerable young women in Togo

Zeta | Changemakers Giada & Damian

Working to break the cycle of stigma and silence related to mental health issues in Switzerland


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