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Youth Female Training Education Organization

Changemaker: Needa Al-Qadasi

In Yemen, most girls don’t feel heard by the authorities and are not confident enough to speak up and make their opinions known. It is said that women form half the community. However, the British Council’s Changemakers disagree. It is the women who give life to a community and therefore, it really is the women who form the community. This means that taking care of a community’s women means taking care of a whole community.

The project is a youth female training and education program. Specialized trainers will work with 20 girls aged from 15 to19 on their confidence, on setting goals, on improving their public speaking and leadership skills, and will generally help them strengthen their personalities.

As their voluntary graduation project, the girls will pass their newly acquired knowledge on to five orphans.

This CAP will help forming strong women who are ready to stand up for their causes and who are willing to make a difference. The expected long-term effect of this project is to see these girls becoming educated women and leaders in their community. Additionally, the project wants to reach all layers of the community and will thus help build bridges between people.


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