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Youth Engage Skills Bootcamp

Changemaker: Francis Anyaegbu

The Project is designed as a scale-up programme of the Youth Engage Community Action Project. It is designed as a skills boot camp devoted to providing tailor made skills training for entrepreneurial development for select youth ages 11 to 25 years in the Mushin Local Government Area of Lagos State Nigeria.

To enable young people to be able to communicate the various challenges facing their communities in pictures and words.

To empower young people in Mushin as stakeholders and active partners in the process of community development and also create the necessary platform that will enable them to fulfill their role in this context and do so optimally.

To enable participants from the Boot Camp to start up small businesses with the acquired knowledge

To help implement a programme for youth development.

The project will run for seven (7) Saturdays with approximately 100 youths signed up to different training classes in the ten core training areas which includes: Events and Hall Decoration, Graphics/Web development and design, Hat making/Millinery, Photography, Computer networking and assemblage, Make-up and Facial/beauty class, Soap Making (Detergent/Liquid), Shoe making, Mobile phone repair and Jewelries/bead making.

Youth Engage Skills Boot Camp aims to enable participants at the Boot camp to start up small business with the knowledge acquired so that they would in turn contribute to the overall development of the community. It is expected that through this project the participants will be matched to amiable mentors that will help them channel their energy towards profitable ventures.


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