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Youth Crack HIV/Aids in Schools

Changemaker: Moses Sseyoni

The negative impact of HIV/AIDS in Uganda is catastrophic. The young people in the Luweero district, which was greatly affected by the five year guerrilla war, are particularly vulnerable to the pandemic. Many of the AIDS victims are stigmatised and discriminated in their schools. This problem is particularly acute in the rural areas of Luweero, where there is a lack of government and other NGOs’ aid.

Youth Crack HIV/AIDS will:

  • Help with the formation of active youth groups against HIV/AIDS.

  • Carry out massive awareness and prevention trainings on positive living.

  • Circulate facts about AIDS and positive living in schools and to people who deal with the infected and affected young people.

  • Establish partnerships with existing organisations to offer mobile counselling services to schools and carry out HIV testing.

  • Emphasize HIV/AIDS and make the positive living voice heard.

  • The target groups will be secondary school students, teachers and youth in Luweero district.

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