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Youth Business Conference

Changemaker: Kamil Zeman

This CAP wants to educate and support young people in gaining experience and practical knowledge on entrepreneurship. The project offers a chance to enter three entrepreneurial competitions for youth up to 18 years. Youth Business Project – Competition of best business plans which could be implemented in practise (tutorials and articles about writing business plans will be available on the website).

Youth Business Idea– Competition of essays, stories, interviews, reportages or text on a topic connected with entrepreneurship. Use of language will be considered as well as the content.

Youth Business Knowledge – Knowledge competition with questions related to business and economy.

After these competitions, all participants will be invited to a nationwide one-day conference which will take place in Prague in May 2010. At this conference, not only will the winners of the competitions be announced, but specialists and professionals in the area of entrepreneurship will also hold lectures and presentations. The programme of the conference will be complemented with presentations of the participants, discussion panels and additional activities.


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