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Youth Action Against Gender Violence

Changemaker: Alex Kamukama

Youth Action against Gender Violence is a CAP that aims:

To educate youth about gender based violence, its impact on personal development and how it increases the risk of HIV/AIDS.

To build the capacity of young people in and outside of school communities in order to develop and manage programs that promote women’s empowerment and gender equity.

To create a platform for young people to have dialogues on gender violence and HIV/AIDS.

These aims will be achieved in two phases. In the first phase, there will be a Youth Action

Tour. During this tour, a team travels to youth communities and schools in order to raise awareness about the CAP’s aims and train young people who will then be able to help spread the message. The second phase will be the Youth Action Roll Out. This roll out consists of a Youth Action newsletter, which helps to pass on information to a wider audience and a Youth Action Grand Concert, at which youth will be inspired to be agents of change.


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