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Changemaker: Oumou Zakaria

Country of Implementation: Togo

In Togo, 45% of Togolese girls between the age of 15-24 cannot read or write, thus

often find themselves in early child marriage or forced into prostitution . “Young African Girls Empowerment” plans on establishing a sustainable vocational school that will hire hairdressers and tailors to teach girls in Lome clothes making allowing them to generate an income and avoid destitution. With access to these two revenue-generating training programs, along with classes on computing, health and entrepreneurship, the girls will gain skills, knowledge and confidence tostand up for themselves and others. With the combination of these skills and knowledge, the girls will have all the tools to open a local store or even start a business from home. They will learn to become independent strong contributing citizens.

The pilot program will start with 20 girls, ten for each professional skill in Lome, Togo.


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