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Yosra - Tunis

Yosra has a Bachelor’s degree in Civilisation, Literature and English Language and she is reading for her master’s in Applied Linguistics.

For more than 7 years, Yosra has been working in the non-profit sector. She started the journey when she was as a teenager when she joined Interact Club in Tunis and felt the need to contribute in social life especially as this coincided with the Tunisian Revolution and the apprise in Libya. The work involved among other things working and helping refugees from the neighbouring Libya. After that, she had an experience with TIMUN. Yosra is also actively involved in social organisations. During her studies at University, she joined AIESEC, a global youth organisation that aims to develop leadership through its international internships and volunteer experiences. She worked in AIESEC in Tunisia for the last 3 years, starting as a new member and finishing as Vice-president on the national board. Yosra then applied to work with the national board of AIESEC Switzerland to be the responsible for the outgoing exchange programs. These experiences have made Yosra more aware of world issues and how every young person can contribute in helping to shape the world. She is also particularly interested in social entrepreneurship, education , and youth empowerment and that’s why she joined the Global Youth Summit, believing that she can find the necessary tools, network to make her idea of having an impact in her country become real.


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