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Changemaker: Majda El Mahi

Ybootplan is borned to face two main difficulties in Italy: youth unemployment which has reached 41% and the little activism among young people. In order to solve them. Majda and team have decided to create conferences and meet young people, discuss and listen to their issues and proposals. A good percentage of unemployment is due, in addition to the economic crisis, to the poor preparation of students to the world of work; that's why they have decided to deal with soft skills as many researches prove they are fundamental for the future. After creating a student network, ybootplan provides problem solving, teambuilding, self-confidence, communications and many other courses. Researches also show that the best way to learn soft skills is starting volunteernig so thanks to partnerships with organizations and associations, young people will have the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned by doing volunteering for a pre-determined period of time and thus becoming an active part of society. This project started at a local level will involve more students in all Italy year by year.

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