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Yasmin- Brazil

Yasmin is a originally from the diverse and warm country of Brazil. She works on a non-profit start-up called RefEd, decimated to providing access to education to refugee children. Some of the initiatives she has led include a fundraising campaign for Doctors Without Borders, an anti-human rights campaign, several community service initiatives and the creation and administration of her high school’s newspaper. Yasmin is passionate about serving others, travelling and getting to know other cultures and languages. She currently serves as a Brazilian Youth Ambassador to the International Youth Committee and is coordinating the creation of a chapter of Movimento Acredito, a Brazilian social movement dedicated to youth engagement and political renovation. In RefEd, she works as the executive administrator, making sure all ideas, connections and tasks are being directed towards the mission of providing access to education to all displaced children. She also produces animation videos and creates content for the early stages of the app. Her ambitions beyond the Summit include developing organizational skills to invest on her start-up, pursuing a doctorate degree, encouraging political renovation in her country, and, eventually, running a marathon.


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