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Wonderful Garden

Changemaker: Zin Nwe Win

In Myanmar (Burma), poverty is one the major hindrances for the development of children’s education and health. The schools in poverty stricken areas do not have necessary facilities and enough resources not only for children’s education but also for their health. Moreover, it is very difficult to get opportunities for underprivileged children to take part in extracurricular activities. “Wonderful Garden” envisions to create a happy learning atmosphere where no one is discriminated or neglected, every children get rights and equal opportunities. This project is implemented in one of the monastic schools at Hle Gu where 200 underprivileged children attending. The children can enjoy in “Wonderful Garden” by accessing mobile library (reading activity), listening stories and coloring the pictures. “Wonderful Garden” also provides free of charge health care too. The children cannot afford to buy books that they want to read because of book prices. There is no resource such as library or reading club for them. This project has a mobile library team; the volunteers bring 20-30 books to children biweekly. The children can choose from variety of books and they can read freely. What is more, they can loan books from mobile library with no charges. There is also story telling activity for the young children of age 5-7. To increase their creative skills and express their feelings, we arrange coloring activity too. The children can paint the pictures which related to our community and environment. From this activity, the children will have awareness to protect our environment. We arrange a discussion activity with children at the end of each day activity to know about children opinions. The children can tell what they like about activity and what they do not like. By talking with them, we can comfort their feeling of being neglected. Health is one of the major important things for all children. Unfortunately, children from poverty stricken areas have no health education and health care. Therefore, we plan to provide monthly health talks and health care for children. The children can extend their knowledge till to horizon through reading habit and have more confidence to stand in community. This project tends to support children in psycho-social ways, this project is not a formal teaching one.


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