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Women Empowerment: Walking Across The Borders

Changemakers: Ziyad El Mouniri, Shucao Mo, Ngonde Modube, Cristina Caraus, Niesrina Nadhifah, Mehak Adil, Mai Shbeta, Shaameeen Imran, Raquel Silva

WEWAB’s aim is to create more awareness towards women’s rights in Morocco, Pakistan, Brazil, China, the United States of America, Cameroon, Israel, Indonesia and Moldova. The main areas of concern within women’s rights that WEWAB look to improve on in the respective countries are, to create more equality between men and women both in the private and public sphere, to redefine biased gender-related terms and to eradicate traditional stigmas towards women.

How will WEWAB go about trying to create the change?

Each country has its own distinctive characteristics, when trying to combat this inherent problem, because of this WEWAB has come up with specialized campaigns for each country. In Israel, Morocco and the USA a T-Shirt campaign will be implemented to create awareness. Shirts will be distributed to peacemakers, celebrities, and sports stars in order to reach a wider audience in each country. WEWAB will also hold leadership workshops with the aim of building up girls’ confidence and self esteem, these workshops will be held in Cameroon and Indonesia. In Pakistan WEWAB looks to invite women, who are successful in their respective fields, to share their success stories, motivate young girls and lead discussions on women empowerment. Charity concerts will be held in Moldova, with the main focus on women’s rights and creating awareness to domestic violence.

By the end of these campaigns we hope to have created enough of an impact in each country to see visible change. We want to have motivated young girls to reach their goals and achieving greatness one day, help eradicate domestic violence and inequality in the work place.


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