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White Fingers Peace Initiative

Changemaker: Eddy Oketch

In Kenya, there are a considerable number of young people from diverse backgrounds with immense potential. This youth population should place Kenya at the centre point of innovation and social and economic stability. However, in most cases, instead of joining revolutions to enhance and transform the various aspects of our lives, we have been known for pitching and pointing fingers at the inadequate and underdeveloped sectors. This is because, albeit we youth have great ideas, strength and untapped potential, we rarely get the opportunity to interact with professionals beyond our locality. Hence our actions like dominating in fuelling skirmishes in times of unrest and impasse in the country are determined not by passion but by response to stereotypes, misconceptions, and lack of information.

  • Give the youth in Kenya a network among themselves and beyond.

  • To enhance interaction, integration and egalitarianism amongst the Kenya societies through the youth.

  • To promote out of class education.

Connecting the youth to Microfinance firms and mentorship programs by charity organizations both in Kenya and abroad.

ACTIVITIES The WIFIPE conference seeks to mobilize Kenyan youth from diverse backgrounds to meet and interact, share ideas, and get an exposure to different academic, business and social networks and opportunities. The conference will focus on involvement of youth in enhancing African education and culture, finding and implementing solutions to poverty, entrepreneurship and youth participation in Kenya and Africa in general

The outcome of the conference mainly envisions and galvanizes a great economic capacity building and youth network for action orientated youth participation in Kenya.


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