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Changemaker: Helena Fierz

Country of Implementation: Switzerland

At the University of St. Gallen more than 8'000 students are studying in the fields of economics, business administration, law as well as international affairs. There is a high potential of the sensibilisation, because the students are the future policy makers of economy and politics.

Therefore they will have a great impact in the development of the world. We are focusing on reducing the waste of the students and the university to a minimum. The main issues we threat are foodwaste, recycling, seperation & prevention of waste. The event consists of 3 phases: Before the event, during the event and after the event.

Before the event we want to raise the attention to the topic of waste through social media and actions on the campus.

The event itself will last 4-days and consists of workshops, exibitions, information desk and lectures. After the event we insure to have a long time impact by using diffrent channels like surveys and postal cards.

We also want to implement changes at the University itself. One step is for example to establish reusable cups. This event will be organised by a 13-member team from sustainable university.


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