Vinicius Gaby - Brazil

Vinicius is a 19 years old medical student from Brazil. He is at his second year of studies at University of Sao Paulo Medical School, FMUSP, and Science and Education are his two biggest passions. His goal in Science is to develop new biotechnologies to increase the wellbeing of populations, and for that, under the light of regenerative medicine, he is currently researching pathways of stem cell differentiation at the FMUSP Laboratory of Genetics and Haematology. When it comes to Education, Vinicius founded PASSEI!,, in 2016, an online platform that empowers students from brazilian public High Schools to have access to university-level education. PASSEI!, until now, has reached hundreds of students from every Brazilian State, and for this work, its founder represented Brazil in New Delhi, at the World Youth Conference, in 2016, as an international speaker to discuss how PASSEI! is, step by step, contributing to shape a Brazil with more equal educational opportunities for all.

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