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VIETCETERA Vision fund

Changemaker: Hao Tran

Country of Implementation: Vietnam

Vietcetera is an online media platform. However, we aim to offer offline experiences as well.

One of our first initiatives is by engaging writers offline through the Vietcetera Vision Fund. Not

only will we launch a scholarship component to this fund, we aim to make it a sustainable

effort by rewarding millennial and Gen-Z writers who write on our media platform and, in turn,

provide them a source of stable and flexible income. The program will provide participants with

an opportunity to connect, learn and earn income. The Vietcetera Vision Fund will integrate a

range of programming, including but not limited to: accessible spaces for writers through

partnerships with co-working spaces, cafes, etc, regular writing workshops, and more. The

Vietcetera Vision Fund hopes to have onboard as many as 10,000 writers in the first 24 months to

contribute to our media site:


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