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United Consciences

Changemakers: Gonzalo; Alonso; Vívian; Federico ; Brenda; Nicole; Diana

This project aims to inform people about Latin America’s most important and vital issue: Resource Exploitation. Its goal is to raise awareness about Resource Exploitation on a national level, and consequently link it to a broader regional problem. Afterwards, it’ll seek to engage people (with a special focus on youth) and motivate them to take action in their communities. By generating an active reaction from local populations, and linking this spontaneous awareness to the broader regional problem experienced by the continent as a whole, the vision behind this project is that of a massive awareness campaign targeted at a sensitive, yet overlooked, aspect of Latin American environment.

The gap between the actual exploitation of natural resources in our region, and the average awareness level behind it, has become bigger in recent years, and the rate is accelerating rapidly.

A. Main Element Website Photo Contest Creation of a Website where people may register and participate in a regional Photo Contest. Visitors will able to upload their own Resource Exploitation-related pictures, and the RAP participants will elect five different winners. Users may also browse through relevant information, forums, photo galleries and a project idea polled created by the site’s own users.

B. Video- Creation of a digital video, to be displayed at the Website and the Workshops (see “c.”), aimed at promoting a regional point of view on the matter.

C. Workshops- Youth-oriented discussion panels held at high schools, aimed at promoting the Photo Contest while at the same time motivating students to take action in their own communities.


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