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Changemakers: Anna Vokinger, Jennifer Widmer, Arunima Raavi and Priya Sidgel

Countries of implementation: India, Nepal and Switzerland

Udaan was founded to inform women about menstrual hygiene and what menstruation

actually means for a women’s life.

There are still many taboos surrounding menstruation. These taboos obstruct women and

girls from participating in everyday activities. Further they miss out on their education and in

some cases these stigmas can lead to severe impacts on their health.

These taboos need to be broken.

With workshops in India and Nepal open for every woman, we talk about these taboos. We

inform about menstruation, puberty and the female body in general. In doing so, we ensure

that these women have the knowledge of menstruation hygiene to make the right decisions

to lead a healthy and safe life.

So why is our organization called Udaan? “Udaan” in Hindi means flight and it is our goal to

ensure more freedom for women of today and for the future.

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